FULLCamera control and EXIF geotagging for Sony ILX-LR1 via MavLink!

ENTIRE R3 has newly full support for controlling and geotagging with the Sony ILX-LR1 camera on Ardupilot/PX4-driven drones or DJI drones. Experience the ease of total control over exposure with HereLink, SIYI, or Skydroid remote controllers through our intuitive on-screen tool, or use MissionPlanner plugin! Say goodbye to the hassle of complex geotagging and embrace the simplicity of our highly accurate EXIF geotagging for seamless and user friendly orthography stitching!

We are Ready for all usage scenarios!

We've developed a solution for every possible application for this outstanding Sony camera. You have multiple options, distinguished by its level of integration:
This choice is tailored for users uninterested in geotagging or uses other geotagging methods. In this scenario, a single USB-C cable facilitates camera control effortlessly through MavLink, granting you complete control over ILX-LR1 exposure values with ease. In this scenario, you can use third-party geotagging solutions while using ENTIRE R3 only for triggering and controlling the exposure of ILX-LR1 via MavLink.
With this option, you will have full control over the camera along with precise EXIF geotagging. SIMPLE solution involves utilizing the ILX-LR1's USB-C connection for geotagging and the WiFi connection for camera control. Rest assured, we've fine-tuned this to perfection, ensuring a super-smooth experience!
Also with this option, you will have complete control over the camera, coupled with EXIF geotagging. HARDWIRED solution also uses the ILX-LR1's USB-C connection for geotagging, but for camera control, we've developed a little module that needs to be connected into the camera body. While the installation of the module is straightforward, it does require the camera to be opened.
We will also sell our Sony ILX-LR1 version with module already integrated.

Whether you opt for a gimbal or a fixed mount, we've got the perfect wiring set for you!

Your wiring set selection depends on the camera mount. We offer a dedicated connection set for the Sony ILX-LR1 used in conjunction with Gremsy Pixy-LR. In this setup, ENTIRE R3 is strategically placed in the drone body, near the gimbal quick release. If a gimbal isn't part of your plan, such as in an airplane or VTOL, our direct connection set for ILX-LR1 is the ideal solution. This set provides a straightforward method to connect your ILX-LR1 directly to the ENTIRE and therefore to your Mavlink-equipped flight controller.
Pixy-LR gimbal
We have perfect cable set for this combination! Whether you prefer an easy, simple, or fully hardwired option, we've got you covered with seamless support!
Other gimbal
If you've chosen a different gimbal, like a SimpleBGC or DJI gimbal, we can still provide you with readings and EXIF geotagging of camera attitude. Feel free to reach out to us for details on your specific options!
Fixed mount
We have right cable set also for direct connection between ENTIRE R3 and ILX-LR1! Of course even in this case is easy, simple and fully hardwired option fully supported!
HereLink Camera control application MavCam
MAVCAM Camera control application for HereLink

Android overlay application for ILX-LR1 control via Mavlink

Our camera control add-on application now fully supports complete control of the Sony ILX-LR1 camera. MavCam is an overlay tool displayed over your chosen drone control application for efficient camera control. Easily show or hide exposure controls or use buttons to manage exposure values seamlessly. Furthermore, the MavCam application now extends its support to HereLink, SIYI, or Skydroid remote controllers. Being an overlay app, MavCam seamlessly integrates with any drone control application, such as QGC, Solex, or MissionPlanner, as it is simply drawn in front of them.

MissionPlanner plugin
for full camera and geotagging control.

This plugin is alternative to HereLink internal control UI. Plugin works independently and you can use it without HereLink or MavCam running outside. UI gives you full exposure control and also GeoTagging overview.
Full Camera Control via MissionPlanner Plugin and HereLink

Select your favourite remote controller

Our camera control application was originally designed and developed for the HereLink, but it is also compatible with other Android-powered remote controllers such as SIYI, Skydroid, and others. No matter which drone control application you prefer, whether it's QGC, Solex, MissionPlanner, or any other, our application will overlay and appear only when you need to handle camera configuration.
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