Simplify your workflowEXIF Geotagging for Sony & PhaseOne

Dismiss geotagging postprocess! Our EXIF geotagging for Sony and PhaseOne camera will equip each image by accurate GPS and Camera Angles right in the Camera. Land you drone, remove SD Card from the Camera and upload to your favourite photogrammetry software, that's all! Direct EXIF Geotagging will save a lot of time in your workflow.

EASY AS NEVER BEFOREEffortless geotagging saves a lot of time

The Entire is fully automated geotagging solution, without any user action will handle whole geotagging process during drone flight. Entire will save GPS coordinates of each photo and also camera angles to the EXIF and XMP information of each capture taken by the camera without any users interaction. Save time, do more!

Direct EXIF GeotaggingGPS | RTK | Angles | Distance

AIR Commander Entire also does complex task of geotagging for all photos you will take during the flight. Geotagging features are available for Sony cameras, PhaseOne Industrial cameras and also for Workswell Wiris cameras.

GPS geotagging

AIR Commander Entire is able to read GPS coordinates from your flight controller (DJI or PixHawk) and save them to the EXIF of each photo you will take. Does not matter if you use basic GPS or RTK system. If you use RTK, you will get centimeter level precision geotags with Latitude Longtitude and Heading in the EXIF.
GPS geotagging for DJI M600 M300 PixHawk

ATTITUDE tagging

What more, Entire can read also very accurate camera attitude and write it to the XMP of each photo. Camera angles can be read from DJI flight controller with supported DJI gimbal like Ronin, but also from Gremsy gimbals via COM port and newly also from SimpleBGC via MavLink connection. Entire can read Roll, Pitch and Yaw.
Attitude geotagging for DJI M600 M300 PixHawk
Preview of geotagged images in Pix4D
Geotagged pictures by the Entire in Pix4D

Subject Distance EXIF tagging

Entire is also compatible with LightWare range finders! Simply connect the laser distance sensor like LightWare LW20 to the Entire. Align the laser beam with camera and each photo triggered will be geotagged with actual laser distance right to the EXIF. This feature is handy for aplications of crack size measurement or precise altitude measurement. Distance EXIF tagging is only available for Sony cameras.
Entire long range remote controller logo

DJI drones

DJI M600 full camera control
For DJI drones the Entire reads all GPS / RTK position, frame attitude and gimbal angles from API port of flight controller. API output is available on majority of DJI drones with removable gimbal. Basically you can use any drone driven by A3 / N3 unit, DJI M600 or smaller DJI M-series.

PIXHAWK drones

PixHawk Cube full camera control
For PixHawk driven drones is MavLink the base communication bus. Entire can read GPS position or RTK information from the flight controller and save them for geotagging. MavLink is also used to read gimbal angles from Gremsy gimbals or SimpleBGC gimbals.

External GPS/RTK

External NMEA geotagging
You don't need to have drone connection to get precise GPS coordinates. You can also use any NMEA compatible GPS/RTK receiver. Entire also supports ERB protocol of EMLID and can be used for Geotagging. This approach is frequently used for handheld geotagging scenarios.
Sony Geotagging EXIF

How worksGeotagging for Sony cameras

Geotagging process for Sony cameras is separated to three stages. First stage is initiated automatically once drone takes off. Camera is connected and Entire scan SD card for latest photo type and number. Then, during the flight, Entire trigger photos and detect exact moment of capture from the hotshoe sensor. There is no posibility to miss a trigger. Per each detected photo Entire saves accurate GPS, drone frame angles, camera angles and heading. Once drone lands, Entire automatically stops Geotagging session and writes data to the EXIF and XMP of each JPG or ARW in camera SD Card. Additionally, Entire saves text backup files to the camera SD card with all information known about photos. Second backup file is written to Entire's SD card if inserted. Thrisd backup file can be downloaded from the Entire via web settings page.


Take-off recognition
Sample photo
SD card scan

During the flight

Trigger photos
No speed limits
Entire is saving GPS/Angles


Geotagging process start
Entire connects camera via USB
Writing EXIF / XMP
Fast processing
Backup TXT

How worksGeotagging for PhaseOne Industrial Cameras

Geotagging works different way for PhaseOne cameras. There is no need to initialize geotagging process, and also no need to geotag photos after landing. In case of PhaseOne geotagging works on-the-fly. All photos are geotagged immediately with GPS and attitude.
Fast and continuous
PhaseOne Geotagging and control operates continuously. Each EXIF is equipped by GPS and Angles at the moment of capture by the camera. No splitting into phases is necessary.
Camera angles in the EXIF
The Entire reads actual camera angles from Gremsy gimbals, SimpleBGC powered gimbals or DJI Ronin. These data are converted into the camera language and continuously provided for geotagging.
Sony Geotagging EXIF
Full camera control via iX Link
Entire can fully control all exposure parameters, focus, enable or disable HDMI output for all PhaseOne Industrial cameras equipped by iX Link port.
Precision at first
Entire performs sophisticated mathematics to calculate the current camera position based on the drone's current flight direction, speed and also the drone's tilt. The shift of the antenna position relative to the camera is based on the drone's angle of view and is calculated in real time.

AIR COMMANDER ENTIRE ISMultipurpose device with many IO interface capabilities

Camera manufacturers are very creative when choosing the type of remote control bus. No worries, we are one step ahead. Entire is electronic equivalent of Chameleon.
Entire full camera control features
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