SONY VENICE | Camera control for ALTA X

If you are a drone user, wildlife photographer or professional cinematographer, for sure you needed a long-range remote control for your camera many times. No matter, if your camera is mounted on a drone, cinema crane, cable cam, or on the buggy for wildlife photography. AIR Commander Entire is a device you are finding for. Piece of very smart electronics, which is able to control almost any current camera. For Sony Venice we have LAN remote control available. LAN connection is done via super thin & flexible LAN cable.

Option 1

Remote control of Sony Venice at Freefly ALTA drone via AIR Commander Link v2

The most universal solution is based on AIR Commander Entire as camera remote controller and AIR Commander Link v2 as a long-range wireless link. AIR Commander Link v2 will just transfer your commands from the place where you or your camera operator stands and remote location (drone, crane, cable cam or etc.). AIR Commander Link v2 Receiver just accepts these commands and forward them to the Entire, which will execute them on your your Sony Venice. Interconnection between AIR Commander Link v2 Receiver and the Entire is very simple, just one cable which includes also power for the Receiver. Interconnection cable is included in the basic package of the Entire. Actual command is done in the camera via LAN. Basic operation scheme you can see in the next picture.
Universal option
This option is fully universal, good for any drone or any other scenario.
Crane, Cable cam, Car mount, Wildlife buggy mount.
Long range
Range of AIR Commander Link is up to 1km, depending on other devices running at 2.4GHz band.
Easy installation
Set with AIR Commander Link is extremely easy to install. Just plug cables together and you are ready to go!
Link v2 system is completely independent on drone. You can easily leave camera control at third party person, camera operator or keep it at master remote for one person jobs.

Option 2

Remote control of Sony Venice at FreeFly ALTA drone via free SBUS channels

You can also use free SBUS channels for remote commanding of the Entire and therfore of the camera. Does not matter if you'll use main (pilot) remote controller, or secondary (camera operator) RC controller. This kit enables you to transmit custom commands via your curent ALTA X system.

The basic scheme is in the next picture.
Full range of drone control
With this option you will get full range of ALTA X remote control system.
Connection necessary
For this option you need wired connection between SBUS Receiver unit and camera position.
Less user comfort
Compared to Option 1 is SBUS control a bit less comfort.

AIR COMMANDER ENTIRE ISMultipurpose device with many IO interface capabilities

Camera manufacturers are very creative when choosing the type of remote control bus. No worries, we are one step ahead. Entire is electronic equivalent of Chameleon.
Europe based and drone industry passionate. All our gear is made primary for us.


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