LET'S BUILDYour solution at our platform

AIR Commander Entire is based on flexible platform. All tough parts of the system like user friendly firmware updates, core stability, power system are already tuned out. We can now easily change internal features to match your needs. And it does not have to be aimed to camera control, we can do EVERYTHING. At one platform we have 3 Serial ports, many GPIO, power outlet for IR signals, USB port with host capabilities, SD card slot, built in WiFi and many other features.
Entire can of course also control thirdparty devices with thirdparty protocols based on drone flight events, based on user commands transfered via SBUS, MavLink, Link or any other way, or based on thirdparty sensors data. Our platform can control other divices via GPIO, USB, SERIAL, LAN (WiFi or wired), i2c, SBUS out or ANY other way you will request.
We can read / write any sensor at the drone, or any custom sensor of your own. We can log this data to the SD Card, we can send them to the user -> to the ground station standalone PC app, Android app, MissionPlanner or to the RC controller via telemetry. We have plenty of experience in this segment.
Any data from the drone, sensors or etc. can be processed in real time. We can combine data with other inputs, save them to send them any way you would like.
Our platform is made to be user friendly as possible. We have fully implemented configuration of the device via WiFi -> web browser. This is used to control, overview status, firmware update. However settings can be done also via MavLink from standalone PC app, MissionPlanner, Android app or HereLink overlay app.
Entire is not the only HW we have prepared. We have also other hardware, which is tested worldwide including firmware updates. We can bring you custom PCB with circuity based on your needs if Entire will not match your application.

WE AREExperienced team with plenty of expertise

We have been playing with wires since we were kids and drones are just part of our passion. We are skilled in HW development and also in SW development. We can bring you custom circuity on a custom designed circuit board as well as a custom control application running on your computer, tablet or phone. Here are just a few projects where we were given the opportunity to create a complete solution for the entire control and overview system. We love crazy ideas and crazy uses of drones in all industries!

for Military Research Institute

We've implemented full control of the X-RAY sensor, remote settings of measurement parameters during the flight, logging of data to the SD card with GPS positions of measurement, altitude measured by laser range finder and also actual settings. Realtime measurements, sensor status, altitude and GPS coordinates are transfered to the JETI RC transmitter LCD via EXBUS telemetry. Sensor control and data overview are done via MavLink to custom C# MissionPlanner plugin.


We've had great opportunity to create custom device for control of fire suppression system mounted on drone. Our task in this project was aimed to control safety of the system, multiple independent ARMing circuities, physical ARM switch, remote ARMing. We also made custom standalone control application (PC and Android) to control ARMing and release of extinguishing medium. This system was created on custom electronics with high current output switches.

Telemetery bridge

We were requested to adapt DJI A3 driven drone for remote control via JETI transmitter. As there is currently no commercial device for this, we've implemented our solution where the Entire reads all telemetry data from DJI A3 unit and converts them to the EXBUS telemetry protocol. This way you can get all the main telemetry information displayed on the RC transmitter. Image transmission is then done out of 2.4GHz band. This solution has become part of the standard Entire firmware.
Europe based and drone industry passionate. All our gear is made primary for us.


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