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AIR Commander Entire isUniversal long-range
Camera Remote Controller

Take backYour camera under
control while drone is airborne.

AIR Commander Entire brings full camera control which is easy to use and fully universal. Long range remote control for exposure, triggering, video recording at any camera you like to. Sony, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Z-Cam, KOMODO, BMPCC 6k. You can mount the Entire to ANY drone with ANY camera.
PhaseOne Industrial

Entire can be used at any drone

AIR Commander Entire is fully universal and we provide set for any usage scenario. Here are most common applications:

DJI M600

DJI M600 full camera control

Option 1)

Use LB2 for remote control of the Entire & Camera. In this case you will need DJI Expansion KIT and use F-Ports PWM to SBUS converter.

Option 2)

Using AIR Commander Link for remote control of the Entire. This is plug and play solution. No configuration, no channel/function mapping.

PixHawk drones

PixHawk Cube full camera control

Option 1)

Use hobby RC controller for drone control - Entire can use free SBUS channels for control of the Camera. Or you can use MavLink control via MissionPlanner / QGC plugin at groundstation.

Option 2)

Use the HereLink for drone control - In this case you can use our internal HereLink Android application MavCam for HereLink for full camera control. This is the best and suggested solution.

DJI M300

DJI M300 full camera control

Option 1)

With DJI M300 you can get full camera control via out AIR Commander Link remote controller.

AIR COMMANDER ENTIRE brings you freedom.No more hard decisions
in camera selection

Any camera you will imagine can be now flown with ease and full remote control. Canon is your lover? No Problem! Oh no, you are a Nikon enthusiast? No problem! Sony is your best friend, of course...lets fly it! Yeah, your client can't accept some toys, you need to fly RED cameras, or Medium format camera? We'll make happy everybody!
Sony long range camera control
Canon long range camera control
Nikon long range camera control
Panasonic long range camera control
BMPCC long range camera control
ZCAM long range camera control
RED KOMODO long range camera control
RED long range camera control
FUJI GFX long range camera control
PhaseOne long range camera control

AIR COMMANDER ENTIRE ISMultipurpose device with many IO interface capabilities

Camera manufacturers are very creative when choosing the type of remote control bus. No worries, we are one step ahead. Entire is electronic equivalent of Chameleon.
Entire full camera control features

Oh Wait, that's not all!


AIR Commander Entire does complex task of EXIF geotagging for all photos you will take during the flight, does not matter if you shoot JPG or ARW. Geotagging features are available for Sony cameras, ADTi cameras, Share UAV cameras, Canon R5 and also for Workswell cameras.

GPS geotagging

AIR Commander Entire is able to read GPS coordinates from your flight controller (DJI or PixHawk) and save them to the EXIF of each photo you will take. Does not matter if you use basic GPS or RTK system. If you use RTK, you will get centimeter level precision geotags with Latitude Longtitude and Heading in the EXIF.
GPS geotagging for DJI M600 M300 PixHawk

ATTITUDE tagging

Entire can read very accurate camera attitude from supported gimbals and write these angles to the XMP of each photo. Camera angles can be read from DJI flight controller with supported DJI gimbal like Ronin, but also from Gremsy gimbals via COM port, and newly also from SimpleBGC via MavLink connection. Entire can read Roll, Pitch and Yaw (absolute).
Attitude geotagging for DJI M600 M300 PixHawk

Subject Distance tagging

Entire is also compatible with LightWare range finders! Simply connect the laser distance sensor like LightWare LW20 to the Entire. Align the laser beam with camera and each photo triggered will be geotagged with actual laser distance right to the EXIF. This feature is handy for aplications of crack size measurement or precise altitude measurement. Distance EXIF tagging is only available for Sony & ADTi cameras.
Preview of geotagged images in Pix4D
Geotagged pictures by the Entire in Pix4D


Not just another camera trigger!

Entire can do much more than just control your camera, because Entire is also kind of data hub for all devices at the drone. We can mix-up GPS data received from the drone with EMLID GPS stream. We can also provide passthrough of GPS information from your drone via MavLink output or via NMEA data stream.

MavLink passthrough
Entire can provide input MavLink data to other devices via MavLink output data stream (with different baudrate). You can feed another devices with drone data without necessity of additional connection to the drone flight controller.
NMEA output
Entire receives accurate GPS information via multiple ways, via DJI API (GPS or RTK), via MavLink (GPS or RTK), from EMLID devices via ERB or any other device via NMEA. Entire can also forward GPS coordinates to any thirdparty device with NMEA input. Baudrate of NMEA output is configurable.
Entire is not only designed to wait for user inputs, it can also trigger photos based on defined time. This feature is available out of geotagging and also during geotagging when is started stopped automatically with geotagging session.
Distance trigger
Similar to Timelapse mode, Entire can also count flown distance from input GPS information and trigger photos in defined distance. User can activate/pause this function if necessary during the flight.

Full HereLink

Get full camera control via on-screen UI of MavCam for HereLink. This is most advanced, seamless solution for camera control on drones.
HereLink full camera control via on-screen app
Sony VENICE drone remote control

High Grade
Cinema Gear

We are not aimed only to consumer level cameras, we can also do long range control of cinema cameras like RED or Sony Venice.

All Gear We Sell
Is Primarily For Us

AIR Commander family begun from lack of remote controller for our drones. We do fly all our remotes and constantly update firmware with new features as time goes by and world of drones is changing.
Drone long range camera control device
Custom drone applications - HW and SW development

Custom Solutions
For Drones

AIR Commander Entire is amazing and flexible platform for custom solutions. We can read any information from autopilot or ground station, read any data from external sensors or devices, process these data and send them to ground station, for example to MissionPlanner plugin, or to the HereLink via custom Android overlay app or save them to Entire's SD card slot. We love crazy ideas, feel free to write us!
Europe based and drone industry passionate. All our gear is made primary for us.


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