Sony A7 R | Remote control for PixHawk powered drones

Our camera remote unit completely changes all you know about remote triggering and control of your Sony A7 R series camera. Forget basic camera trigger via PWM, the Entire can do much more! Especially if your drone is remote controlled via HereLink, you will get amazing features of camera control via HereLink screen.

All this information is valid also for all other Sony A7 / A9 cameras!

Option 1

Remote control of Sony A7 R via HereLink

Our camera control module can communicate via MavLink directly from your drone to the HereLink. For the HereLink we have created internal Android application MavCam, which provides nice user interface for full control of your Sony A7.

This is most amazing and very new option for camera remote control at drones, or wildlife photography buggys.
HereLink Camera control application MavCam
Universal option
This option is fully universal, PixHawk itself is not necessary. HereLink can be used for live feed transmission and camera control.
Long range
HereLink has range of up to 20km (FCC) and up to 12km in CE mode.
Easy installation
Installation of MavCam is very easy and works as standalone overlay application.

Option 2

Remote control of Sony A7 via Hobby RC Controller

This option is very universal. Can be used for Freefly drones and multiple other brands. For this solution, you will need any RC Controller with free SBUS channels at output. Free SBUS channels will be used for remote controll of the Entire and therefore executed as commands at your Sony A7 R series camera. This option is slightly less comfort for user, but can be easily included to existing RC control system. Compared to HereLink camera remote control option, this does not trasfer image.

The basic scheme is in the next picture.
Full range of drone control
With this option you will get full range of your selected RC remote control system.
Connection necessary
For this option you need wired connection your SBUS receiver and camera position.
No video stransmission
Compared to HereLink, this option does not transfer live feed from the camera

Option 3

Remote control of Sony A7 via MissionPlanner plugin

This plugin is alternative to HereLink internal control UI. Our camera control MissionPlanner plugin brings new tab to your MissionPlanner application. New control UI enable user to control camera exposure and also provide overview above geotagging process.
All you need for this option is working telemetry link between your drone and ground station.

MissionPlanner plugin
for full camera and geotagging control.

Simple additional script brings new UI to MissionPlanner and enable user to fully control Sony A7 camera.
Full Camera Control via MissionPlanner Plugin and HereLink

AIR COMMANDER ENTIRE ISMultipurpose device with many IO interface capabilities

Camera manufacturers are very creative when choosing the type of remote control bus. No worries, we are one step ahead. Entire is electronic equivalent of Chameleon.
Europe based and drone industry passionate. All our gear is made primary for us.


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