Control Sony A7S under DJI Matrice M600 drone

Looking for a solution to fly your Sony A7S series camera under the DJI Matrice M600 drone? You've found the right page! The AIR Commander Entire is a piece of very smart electronics that can easily control almost any current camera on the DJI M600 drone.

All of the following information applies to all Sony A7, A9 and also A6xxx series cameras!

Option 1

Remote control of Sony A7S at DJI M600 drone via AIR Commander Link v2

The most versatile solution is based on the AIR Commander Entire system as a remote camera controller and the AIR Commander Link v2 system as a long-range wireless link. AIR Commander Link v2 is a standalone wireless similar to other RCs, but focused on camera control. The Link simply transmits your commands from where you or your cameraman are standing to a remote location (drone, crane, cable camera, etc). The AIR Commander Link v2 receiver simply receives these commands and passes them to the cell, which executes them on your Sony A7S camera via multiport or WiFi. The connection between the AIR Commander Link v2 receiver and the Entire camera is very simple, just a single cable that includes power to the receiver. The connection cable is included in the basic package of the Entire. A basic operating diagram can be seen in the next picture.
Universal option
This option is fully universal, good for any drone or any other scenario.
Crane, Cable cam, Car mount, Wildlife buggy mount.
Long range
Range of AIR Commander Link is up to 1km, depending on other devices running at 2.4GHz band.
Easy installation
Set with AIR Commander Link is extremely easy to install. Just plug cables together and you are ready to go!
Link v2 system is completely independent on drone. You can easily leave camera control at third party person, camera operator or keep it at master remote for one person jobs.

Option 2

Remote control of Sony A7S at DJI M600 drone via DJI Expansion Kit (Light Bridge 2)

You can also use the DJI Lightbridge 2 wireless connection from the DJI M600 drone as a control channel. For this solution you will need a DJI Expansion KIT for the DJI transmitter. This kit allows you to transmit custom commands through the Lightbridge to your drone's F-ports. Since the DJI A3's F-ports are PWM only, you will need to mix them using a PWM->SBUS converter. The SBUS will then connect to the Entire, where it will be converted into commands for the Sony A7S camera. This option is slightly less user friendly, but offers the full range of LightBridge2 control.
A basic schematic is shown in the next picture.
Full range of drone control
With this option you will get full range of the DJI M600 remote control system.
Connection necessary
For this option you need wired connection between A3 unit and camera position.
Fixed to one remote
DJI Expansion KIT is mounted to one DJI Controller and can not be controlled from other place.

Oh Wait, that's not all!


AIR Commander Entire does complex task of EXIF geotagging for all photos you will take during the flight, does not matter if you shoot JPG or ARW. Geotagging features are available for Sony cameras, PhaseOne Industrial cameras and also for Workswell cameras.

GPS geotagging

AIR Commander Entire is able to read GPS coordinates from your flight controller (DJI or PixHawk) and save them to the EXIF of each photo you will take. Does not matter if you use basic GPS or RTK system. If you use RTK, you will get centimeter level precision geotags with Latitude Longtitude and Heading in the EXIF.
GPS geotagging for DJI M600 M300 PixHawk

ATTITUDE tagging

Entire can read very accurate camera attitude from supported gimbals and write these angles to the XMP of each photo. Camera angles can be read from DJI flight controller with supported DJI gimbal like Ronin, but also from Gremsy gimbals via COM port, and newly also from SimpleBGC via MavLink connection. Entire can read Roll, Pitch and Yaw (absolute).
Attitude geotagging for DJI M600 M300 PixHawk

Subject Distance EXIF tagging

Entire is also compatible with LightWare range finders! Simply connect the laser distance sensor like LightWare LW20 to the Entire. Align the laser beam with camera and each photo triggered will be geotagged with actual laser distance right to the EXIF. This feature is handy for aplications of crack size measurement or precise altitude measurement. Distance EXIF tagging is only available for Sony cameras.
Preview of geotagged images in Pix4D
Geotagged pictures by the Entire in Pix4D

AIR COMMANDER ENTIRE ISMultipurpose device with many IO interface capabilities

Camera manufacturers are very creative when choosing the type of remote control bus. No worries, we are one step ahead. Entire is electronic equivalent of Chameleon.
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