Download and installation


Download and unzip MP plugin for MavPorter

Download -> Version 1.01


  • Copy “_MavPorter_plugin.cs” file to your plugins folder in MissionPlanner folder.
    • Usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Mission Planner\plugins


  • Run Mission Planner
  • Check for new TAB labeled MavPorter


Connect MissionPlanner to your drone

  • If MavPorter is detected in the system, status od connection will get ONLINE
  • Statistics data will be shown automatically

Usage of the plugin

Plugin is used to detect possible trouble points during development. Especially when one of connected devices uses high data rate (gimbal for example or ENTIRE R3), and other devices used low baudrate connection only. Low baudrate device may be overhelpmed by large amounts of data from other devices which may lead to not working connection. This statictics will help you discover what data are flowing to the ports and which ones needs to be manually blocked to keep port working.


  • Plugin has five buttons in section of PORT STATUS
  • Orange highlighted button is currently selected port to be shown
  • Data under buttons are related to the port selected
  • After port switch, plugin needs to communicate with MavPorter to switch captured port. This may take 1-3 seconds.


  • This shows if port has active MavLink connection with some device
  • If there are any MavLink input data, Status is ONLINE

RX/ TX data table

  • This is very usefull reporting information about data flowing through MavPorter
  • Each table (RX and TX) contains five rows of data, which shows five most frequent MavLink messages flowing through the port:
    • Left number is Message ID
    • Right number is amount of data packets with this ID flowing per second
    • Detailed list of IDs with names is available here.
    • When right number is 0, there was not enough packets to be shown
  • RX/TX data statistics shows only five most frequent data packets, others are not shown.
  • Example at right:
    • In last second PRT1 received:
      • 10x ID: 265 – MOUNT_ORIENTATION
      • 10x ID: 27 – RAW_IMU
      • 5x ID: 158 – MOUNT_STATUS
      • 2x ID: 0 – HEART_BEAT
    • In last second PRT1 sent:
      • 2x ID: 0 – HEART_BEAT
      • 1x ID: 385 – TUNNEL
      • no other packets has been captured

Input / Output packet rate

  • Input / Output rate shows total amount of MavLink packets flowing through the selected port
  • Maximum value is 250. If more than 250 packets per second is flowing through the port, shown number will be only 250


  • Example at right:
    • Input rate of 3 matches captured RX Data (2 Heartbeats and 1 Tunnel is 3 packets in total)
    • Output rate is 39 which means there were some more packets not listed in TX Data stat table (10+10+10+5+2 is 37 -> there were 2 more packets not in stats)