Configuration access

  • Configuration of parameters can be done via MissionPlanner, QGC or any other with parameter protocol support
  • MavPorter can be connected anywhere in the drone via MavLink and parameters will be transferred via MavLink to ground control software
  • Firmware update is also done via MavLink without need of dismounting of MavPorter

How to connect

  • Open MissionPlanner ,select port and click to Connect
  • Once drone is connected, click to device selection
  • Select UART_BRIDGE device
  • Wait for parameters download

Parameters description


This parameter enables or disables availability of all other parameters. This parameter should be set to 1 in majority of usage scenarios. However if you would like to avoid users from configuration of MavPorter, you can disable configuration by setting of EMIT_PARAMS to 0. Configuration can be enabled back when needed.


This parameter configure port baudrate. Different to Ardupilot, value here is actual baudrate divided by 100. You can set basically all standard baudrates up to 1 500 000 bps. Non-standard baudrates are also supported, please contact us if you have specific request.

  • 1 250 000 bps write value of 12500
  • 921 600 bps write value of 9216
  • 500 000 bps write value of 5000
  • 460 800 bps write value of 4608
  • 230 400 bps write value of 2304
  • 115 200 bps write value of 1152


MavPorter has 5 filters for each port, so user can allow or block up to 5 message IDs per port.

This parameter set filter A, B, C, D or E to specific ID of message. When this parameter is set to value 0 or above, MavPorter will drop or allow this message on selected port. If filtering runs as blocking or allowing (blocking all other) is configured by PRTx_FLT_MODE.

User would like to block MavLink message SYS_STATUS ( ID #1 ) to be sent to PRT2 (from any other port). Configuration is:

User would like to allow only MavLink messages HEARTBEAT ( ID #0 ) and GLOBAL_POSITION_INT ( ID #33 ) to be sent to PRT4 (from any other port). Configuration is:
PRT4_FLT_B_ID “33”


This parameter set filter A, B, C, D or E to limit speed of message ID selected by PRTx_FLT_x_ID. This parameter is used  when you wish to only limit update frequency of some message ID, but not block completely. To disable filtering by speed, set this parameter to 0.


This parameter sets all fimters for selected port to blocking or allowing mode. When set to 0, MavPorter will block message IDs set in filters A,B,C,D,E. If PRTx_FLT_MODE is set to 1, MavPorter will block all messages and allow only IDs configured in filters A,B,C,D,E.


This parameter is used to avoid MavPorter from forwarding of MavLink data from one port to other. By default are forwardings enabled for all ports, so all data from each port are forwarded to all other ports. This parameters may be useful to avoid overload of connected devices by irelevant data.


This parameter is used to configure serial port mode. By default are all ports set to 1 -> MavLink. You can set also port to Disabled -> 0. Other values are reserved.


This parameter blocks MavPorter from sending own data to this port. By default is set to 0 -> data allowed, so ENTIRE will send own heartbeat to this port and also will generate parameter protocol and other features of MavPorter to this port. If you would like to avoid sending of own data, set this parameter to 1.