Basic information

AIR Commander Link Transmitter can be controlled via serial API. This may be handy for automated, long range, wireless control of the camera from PC / MAC via application or from Arduino.


  • Connection must be wired up as per the image at right
  • Power input can be inserted to the second connector of the Link
  • Power input can be also inserted to the last undocumented pin (top) of the connector at right picture ->
  • Link has internal reverse polarity protection
  • Input power of 5V is suggested

Testing connection

  • We have test VB application for remote control from PC
  • This app can be used for connection test or everyday use
  • Application is available as
  • Open application, select proper COM port and click CONNECT
  • If connection is proper, button will switch to “Connected” status
  • Press of any button in the app should lead to CONN LED blink at AIR Commander LINK

Protocol description

  • Follow this link for API commands description