Entire HW authentication

Starting with firmware 1.650 beta, you must confirm the originality of your ENTIRE unit.
Your ENTIRE will function normally after the update, however, all new features are locked until the authenticity of the HW is verified.
This procedure is necessary only for ENTIRE units sold before year 2023. All newly sold units are already verified.
Thank you for your understanding.

How to proceed
  • 1) Update your ENTIRE to any new firmware.

  • 2) Open ENTIRE’s web page and navigate to:
        -MENU -> About
  • 3) In new popup window you’ll see RED device ID number and button to validation.
  • 4) Click to “Validate HW” button
  • 5) In new window you’ll see two options:
    • Send us HW ID code
    • Upload validation pack
  • 6) Click to “Send by email”
  • 7) Include order number to the email body!
  • 8) Wait for our response with validation package. We’ll try to process requests with highest priority.
  • 9) Once you’ll get our response with file named “legal.pck”:
    • Click to “Upload package”
    • Select file from our response
    • Confirm and wait 2 seconds
  • 10) ENTIRE will confirm package validity.


If ENTIRE HW is validated can be seen in “About” window.