Basic settings

Mavlink PassThrough is feature to forward all Incoming (from PixHawk) data to external device and also from external device back to the PixHawk. This function is here to simplify wiring and avoid separate connections for each device.

This feature is mainly used for geotagging at Workswell Wiris cameras.

Enable forwarding

Click to any UNI port (A/B/C or 1/2/3/4) and set it to Mavlink PassThrough.
Entire will start forwarding all MavLink data to this port.

Configure stream

Entire can of course forward MavLink on different baudrate to receiving baudrate. Because this can lead to overload of output MavLink stream, Entire has also configuration of data filtering (limitation).

  • Limit SR_POSITION stream
  • Limit SR_EXTRA1 stream
    This option will slow down output of POSITION stream. Because GPS input of the Entire is usually at high refresh rate, which can overload ouput stream, here you can limit amount of those packets forwarding. You can also block those streams fully.
  • Convert data to Mavlink 1
    If this option is enabled, Entire will convert input MavLink v2 data to MavLink v1 (if possible).
  • MavLink OUT baudrate
    Here you can set baudrate of output stream.