• IN A connector – JST PH
  • IN B connector – JST XH
  • OUT A connector JST SH 3p (for the ENTIRE)
  • OUT B connector JST SH 4p (for the Link via UNI cable)
  • Dimensions (including connectors) – 25mm * 14mm * 7mm
  • Maximum constant output current is 1A
  • Burst current can be up to 3A (60seconds)


  • Shortcut protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Overload protection
  • Output overvoltage protection


  • Connect power to IN A connector or IN B connector. You can use:
  • In all official usage scenarios is IN A used as input
  • IN B is used as forwarding port for SmartPlug powering, but can be also used as input in custom usage scenarios
  • If 5V ouput is active, Green LED will light up
  • Connect output via included power cable
  • Follow polarity rules as per image ->

ENTIRE connection

  • Use included cable JST SH 3p to 2p for ENTIRE connection