This page is about camera control of ShareUAV 6100 camera at PixHawk or DJI driven drones. With ENTIRE and ShareUAV cable you’ll be able to control the camera via MavLink or SBUS or AIR Commander Link. Also you can use MavCam or Mission Planner plugin for full camera control. ENTIRE also supports GPS transfer for this camera, so you can use ShareUAV geotagging system the same as for DJI drones.

Camera connection

ShareUAV 6100 camera must be connected via special cable for the ENTIRE.

Pelase check our store for dedicated cable set.


  • Connect default connection cable provided with the camera


  • Connect camera connection cable to “Serial” port of the Camera cable


  • Connect camera connection cable to the ENTIRE – USBMULTI port


  • Now you can power up the Camera and Entire
  • Entire will transfer all camera control data and also forward GPS / RTK data received from the drone via MavLink or DJI API to the camera via this connection.

ENTIRE connection & configuration

You need to setup few details in the ENTIRE before you can do the first flight.
As ShareUAV has their own implementation for DJI, this manual guess you would like to use it at PixHawk (MavLink) drone. Contact us if you would like to use this camera on any other drone.


  • At PixHawk you have two options depending on used flight stack (ArduCopter/PX4).
  • For ArduCopter you need to connect the only the Telem1 or Telem2 or GPS1 (needs connector rework) to the Extension BOX. Triggering and camera control can be done via MavLink or HereLink buttons (Solex app) or our MavCam app for HereLink.
  • For PX4 flight stack camera trigger needs to be done via PWM from flight controller. Use SBUS/PWM Cable for connection to PixHawk.
  • You are free to use any of UNI port, in this manual we will use UNI1 for MavLink.


  • UNI Cable from the Extension BOX DATA port needs to be connected to the ENTIRE R3 port UNI A, B or C. For the ENTIRE R2 only PORT A is suggested.
  • Because UNI Cable is usually not long enough to pass the distance from the drone body to the gimbal, you can use Joining unit to interconnect two UNI cables.
  • Joining units also does a safety guard to avoid wire interruption.
  • We will use UNI B for this case


  • Open Entire’s configuration (follow this manual if you’re not sure)
  • Open MENU -> “Control mode” and select mode ShareUAV
  • Camera should get “online” if powered ON and connected properly.


  • Open ENTIRE’s web page and configure UNI B to to “Extension BOX” mode.
  • Once Extension BOX is properly connected and configured in the Entire, STATUS LED of the Extension BOX will start blinking GREEN and Entire overview page will show selected port highlighted as “Online”. Also you will get four new ports available for input.
    If port ststus become orange for FW update – DO NOT DISCONNECT


  • Configure proper Telemetry port used for ExtensionBOX connection to budrate of 1 500 000bps
  • Configure proper Telemetry port to the MavLink2 protocol

  • Check if all SRx_ streams are set to 0 for serial port used in the Cube


  • Open Entire’s MENU –> Miscellaneous (Other) –> Mavlink baudrate set to 1 500 000
  • Click to “UNI port 3” bar and in new window select MavLink. Port should become “online” in few seconds.
  • With Extension BOX connection you will get four new ports available. Click to UNI 1 and select mode “MavLink”
  • Now you should see MavLink as “online” and number of GPS update should float around number 50Hz and ATTI speed around 10Hz.


  • Open the MENU -> Miscellaneous
  • Scroll down to GeoTagging features
  • And insert X, Y, Z offsets.
  • When GPS is used, offset is counted from body center (if correct offset is configured in the FC). If your flight controller does not have configured antennas offsets, configure offset from the camera to the antenna.
  • When RTK is used, offset is counted from body center (if correct offset is configured in the FC). If your flight controller does not have configured antennas offsets, configure offset from the camera to the antenna A.

Offset is in millimeters!


Now you can install MavCam, MissionPlanner plugin or any other tool for full camera control


  • Connect HDMI cable to the HereLink or other display

At this point you should have full camera control from the HereLink or other control device. Also triggers generated by the Cube during missions will be automatically executed at the camera.

Tips and tricks

ShareUAV cameras does not have English MENU. This may be tricky sometimes. We found most understandable Bahasa Melayu language.


  • Navigate to camera MENU (via on body buttons or via MavCam.
  • List page settings – page 4/7 (this is visible in all languages)
  • Scroll down to the icon of book with letter A (this icon is shown for all languages)
  • Change to Bahasa


We suggest to map LEFT / RIGHT / DOWN and OK buttons with shortcuts to ISO / Liveview zoom / Video recording / File format settings access. With the ENTIRE you can access whole MENU, but it shortcuts saves a lot of time.
  • Navigate through camera MENU to item named Tmbol Trsuai (Custom Key Mappings)
  • Enter submenu and swith to PAGE 2
  • Configure camera to the same values for 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 buttons
    • 2 – Pembesar Fokus
    • 3 – Format Fail
    • 4 – ISO
    • 5 – MOVIE

With this Custom Key Configuration you will be able to simply:

  • Press arrow LEFT to change JPG / RAW
  • Press arrow RIGHT to change ISO from AUTO to any fixed value
  • Press arrow DOWN to start MOVIE recording
  • Press button OK to activate LiveView zoom function (to check gimbal oscillations, stabilization or etc.)
  • You are of course free to map any other functions to arrow as per your needs
  • For all functions you have still available whole MENU